What gives you SURCANDO?


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The main reasons for using our services are:

BECAUSE we prepare for you a travel guide with all the information you may need according to your preferences: nautical routes planning, recommendations on moorings, water sports, facilities information on marinas and navigation hazard warnings for your safety.

BECAUSE we suggest places to visit, where to eat, where to stay, that is, we make a complete description of all services you need.

BECAUSE we take care of the complete organization of the trip if you want. To do this, we have a Travel Agency backup with special prices to our customers.

BECAUSE we assure and guarantee the quality of the services needed: company charter, skipper, if necessary, dive centers, hotels, marinas, etc.

BECAUSE we give coverage to resolve incidents that may occur during the trip.

BECAUSE we have a own database with collaborations with other boaters that contains all the information of interest, most of it is available in our website www.surcando.com


Lo que necesitas para organizar tu travesía

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